Care for your hat

I take extreme pride in delivering nothing but the best quality. Maintaining your hat is very important if you want it to last a long time. 

Hats are delicate items and need to be handled and used gently, so here are some tips.

  • Avoid pinching the dents on the crown as this will reshape the hat over time. Handle your hat on the brim as close as possibe to the crown to minimise distortion of the brim over time.
  • Store your hat in a hat box with some tissue paper on the inside to avoid the hat resting on the brim to protect its shape.
  • All of our felt hats can withstand some rain (not a heavy rail fall). All you have to do is pop the hat back into its original shape  and let it dry at room temperature.
  • It is a good idea to give your hat a regular brushing using a soft bristle brush. When brushing, brush counter-clockwise as to not ruin the felt. If there are any serious marks try steaming the hat before brushing.
  • For all straw hats it is important to maintain moisture levels in the straw fiber. To do this place a hat in the bathroom after having shower so that the fibers can absorb the humidity from the air and stay subtle.
  • Never spray water directly on the straw hat. Never leave your hat exposed to the sun for long period of time as this will dehydrate your hat and the straw will crack (like at the back of your car in summer)!

And, most importantly, have fun with it.