Bosnia-born Vanja Jocic is the sole founder of the eponymous atelier and brand based in Geneva, Switzerland since 2016. 

The idea to create a couture custom hat atelier sprung at the world famous couture millinery in London - the Prudence Millinery where Vanja was an apprentice. Prudence Millinery has been the long time designer for the Vivienne Westwood, amongst other iconic fashion houses. While working in her atelier she fell in love with the craft, its deep-rooted traditions and how hat hats fit in today’s world of fashion.

Vanja strongly believes that headwear is very relevant in today’s fashion landscape and as part of everyday outfits and self expression.

In addition, by Vanja Jocic couture hats fosters collaborations aiming to bring craftswoman from across the globe closer together through continuous support of social initiatives. The latest examples of the socially responsible humanitarian partnerships are SEP Jordan embroidery and Kenya Craftsmanship Initiative.

Vanja Jocic